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KS3 Singing Celebration Update and NEW Virtual Choir

Dear Parents/Carers

Firstly I would like to wish you all the very best during this very strange time! I hope you are all safe and well. With rehearsals for the KS3 Singing Celebration on hold for the moment I have been thinking of how we are going to keep singing together using the wonders of technology!

I would love to form a virtual choir using Zoom to bring together all the choirs that would have been performing together in the concert in June. Zoom is an online meeting app - I'm sure you will have heard lots about it recently,

The rehearsals for the virtual choir will be on : Tuesdays 11:30 - 12:10pm starting on Tuesday 5th May.

If that sounds a bit scary, please know this is scary for us as well and that we are all in it together but as you already know, music is one of the best ways to keep our mental health stable and especially at the moment, a good sing will do us all good!

I have decided to use the choirs taking part in the project to start with as I know you are so brilliant and will do everything to the best of your ability. After we have got going, I am hoping to open it out to the rest of Sheffield and possibly...the world!

Please can you discuss this email with your parents/carers and have a chat about whether you would like to be involved. Here are a few guidelines and ideas for you to think about with your parents/carers.

Getting setup for the Virtual Choir

· All live sessions will be delivered using Zoom. If you haven’t already installed this on your devices, it is available here for Mac/PC (Zoom Client for Meetings) and iOS/Android (Zoom Mobile Apps): https://zoom.us/download

· For further information about privacy and Zoom, please visit https://zoom.us/privacy for the latest updates.

· You will receive a meeting ID and password via email that will allow access to the virtual choir rehearsal. While we appreciate that students may be keen, please do not attempt to log in before your allotted time.

· Any learning resources to be shared (sheet music, recordings, etc.) will be passed on via links to a secure Google Drive account

Virtual Choir Safeguarding Guidelines

Safeguarding is at the forefront of our thinking when exploring new options for the choir. Below is an outline of items to consider when participating in an online learning environment.

· For contact information and information about the Sheffield Music Hub safeguarding policy, please visit https://www.sheffieldmusichub.org/pages/safeguarding.

· Any students under 18 should only access lessons on their parent/carer’s account, students cannot access lessons on their own personal accounts. If at any point it is determined that a student is accessing lessons on their personal accounts, the lesson will be terminated until access is gained through the account of a parent/carer. Students can use their own devices but they must be logged into their parent/carer’s account.

· Sessions must only take place in an appropriate space in a room with an open door so that a trusted adult can be within earshot of the lesson. If sessions are taking place in a shared space thought should be given to how others may enter/use the space during the lesson. Everyone in the home setting should be aware that the session is taking place and treat the space accordingly and with respect. A child’s bedroom is NOT considered an appropriate space for a session.

· Please be aware that the child will be able to see, and be seen by other children present in the rehearsal. You should think about the space around the child and the background shown on the screen. Ideally, the child should be situated in front of a plain background. Ensure that there is nothing sensitive in the shot or anything that can identify the child or location e.g. photos, documents etc.

· Best practise would be for the appropriate adult to be present throughout the session however we realise that for scheduling purposes this may be limiting, at the very least we will ask for a check in from the appropriate adult at the beginning and end of each session.

· We will not record the lessons nor retain any audio or visual capture of the lesson. The Zoom session will be locked 5 minutes after the starting time to ensure that no one unpermitted can join the meeting.

· Obviously 'school uniform' isn’t necessary but students will need to be dressed appropriately for a lesson - i.e. clothes that are suitable for being seen in public. Although this may seem like a more informal setting it is extremely important to remain and look appropriate at all times.

If you would like to be involved, can you get your parent/carer to complete this online form:

Virtual Choir Sign Up Form

Can you complete it and submit it by Monday 4th May. I will then email out the Zoom meeting ID and password. If you don’t make it by then, you can sign up at any time and join the following week. The email will come from carolinehallam@redtape.com so if you don't get it, please check your junk mailbox as it might end up there.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully seeing you on Tuesday!

Best wishes,

Caroline Hallam

 07825 034939

Singing Music Leader

Sheffield Music Hub


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