Minerva Learning Trust

SHS New Logo!

This is the new logo for our school. We are updating it now to reflect both our current success along with our ambition for the future. Our school serves its community and we want to be the pride and first choice for all Stocksbridge families.

The Dragon of Wantley is folklore of the local area and has been part of the school logo for many years. We were very keen to keep it in our new logo to respect the history of the school and the heritage of Stocksbridge. If you want to know more about the dragon then there is some information here and if you visit the Town Hall in Sheffield you can see it depicted in the wall carvings on the main staircase.

The shield is a representation of strength, protection and loyalty. We want it to evoke a sense of pride in our school that underpins our core principles of Believe, Achieve and Succeed.

Schools provide a springboard for young people. Our curriculum, teaching and support gives everyone the opportunity to leave qualified, skilled and confident to make their next steps in life. We want all of our students to be built in Stockbridge but be ready for the wider world and, therefore, we have adopted the strapline of This Is Just the Start.

The school uniform will bear our new logo but there is no expectation whatsoever that families must immediately purchase any new items to reflect this change. As time goes on items will be gradually replaced as they are outgrown. In the meantime, please continue to use uniform bearing either the new or old logos.