Minerva Learning Trust

Restart a Heart Day - Y7 & Y8 - Friday 15 October 2021


A cardiac arrest patient’s chance of survival dramatically increases if #CPR can begin before the ambulance service arrives on scene. Learn CPR and one day you may save a life. Get hands-on at https://youtu.be/YgQdVkFbQkk

Less than one in 10 people in the UK survive a cardiac arrest but thousands more lives could be saved if witnesses start CPR immediately. YOU can make a difference by learning life-saving CPR. Find out how - https://youtu.be/YgQdVkFbQkk

Chances of survival drop 10% a minute if CPR is not started when someone has had a cardiac arrest. Learn this life-saving skill at https://youtu.be/YgQdVkFbQkk