Minerva Learning Trust

Y10 Prep for Employment Day 09.12.21

On Thursday 9 December 2021, all our Y10 students will be taking part in a series of activities to enrich and support the CEIAG and Personal Development curriculum in Stocksbridge High School – preparation for employment.

Period 2

Career Opportunities within Yorkshire Water - Virtual Talk in normal classrooms

• Why Yorkshire Water is important

• Career opportunities and prospects working in the industry

• Importance of saving water, looking after our environment

Period 3

Personal Finance Moving on from school - Y10 talk in the Main Hall

Be aware of some of the options available to you when you leave school

• Be aware of the need to live within your means and have a budget

• Understand more about pensions

Period 4

NatWest CareerSense Exploration Virtual Workshop – takes the place of normal science lessons

• Bringing their own jobs to life and the skills they’ve developed in their own careers.

• Supporting students to complete the tasks and challenging their perceptions.

• Helping students see how capabilities are used in the world of work.

Periods 1 and 5 will run as normal lessons.

We will be sending a letter in the next week about virtual work experience opportunities currently being rolled out to students for next term.

Any queries please contact Mrs C Jackson, WRL lead at SHS.