Minerva Learning Trust

BFI Youth Training Scheme in Indie Cinema & Film Festival Exhibition

The BFI Film Academy Specialist Residential is a training scheme for young cinema lovers which will take place for 4 days in person followed by 4 Saturdays online. Students usually come from all over the UK to take part, and it’s a great opportunity to meet fellow film fans, learn the role of a cinema programmer and develop professionally within the world of film. 16 to 19-year-olds from across the UK get to learn about film programming, marketing and distribution and eventually put on their own film festival at the Showroom Cinema. Whether you’re a filmmaker, blogger, regular cinema goer, or someone who simply enjoys watching and talking about films, this exciting and intensive residential programme will give you a real insight into the world of cinema.

We offer a generous bursary scheme to cover any costs that will enable anyone, regardless of financial position, to take part. Students will be mentored throughout their time on the residential and will get the chance to meet various industry professionals on a daily basis who can give tips on how to kick-start a career in film. Speakers include Little White Lies, Danny Leigh, BIFA, Cinema For All, We Are Parable and filmmakers from across the UK.

To apply for the course please click here. The deadline for applications is 11th July 2022.