Minerva Learning Trust

Mission Vision & Values

Our Mission

All Students will be challenged to build ambitious future plans. Working together we will develop their character, skills and capacity to make their ambitions a reality.

Our Vision

Our vision is based upon the principles of "Believe, Achieve, Succeed".


Students will have belief in their own potential. They make positive choices, can acknowledge and celebrate their successes and tackle obstacles to progress with hard work and determination.


Students are challenged in every learning experience, every day to produce the highest quality work, through which they achieve tehir personal and academic goals.


Successful students have high expectations of themselves and strive to meet these expectations every day.

Our Values

Our values underpin all that we do as a school and are brought to life in all areas of our organisation.

Be positive

We will be positive in all that we do.

Be caring

We care for and support each other.

Be courageous

We make choices to enable us to succeed, even when those choices are difficult.

Be reflective

We consider the impact of our actions on ourselves and others.

Our Beliefs

  • We will celebrate the achievements of all members of our school community recognising that achievements are personal to each individual.
  • We will create an environment in which all members of our school value and enjoy learning.
  • We will work to remove barriers to learning for all our students.
  • We will do all that we can to ensure all members of our school community are safe and happy.
  • We will ensure that all learning experiences are of the highest possible quality.