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Life+ / RSHE / SMSC / BV

Threaded through all year groups is social, moral, spiritual, and cultural (SMSC) provision. This is an incredibly important aspect of the curriculum as it teaches young people to about growing up in modern Britain. This includes an appreciation and understanding of art, music, sports, and other cultural pursuits as well as developing opinions on social and moral issues in society. Also important is knowledge of Britain’s democratic system, including voting system and politics within cultural development. SMSC is in every subject and all extracurricular things like assemblies, form time, clubs, trips etc.

Life Plus is a relatively new subject taught to all year groups, Y7 (1 hour a week), Y8-Y11 (1 hour a fortnight). This includes all aspects of the new Relationships, Sex and Health education (RSHE) government statutory requirements of 2020. As well as including RE, citizenship, British values and living in the wider world.

Y8 Y9
Y10 Y11