Minerva Learning Trust

Transition from primary to secondary school

Transition to Stocksbridge High School

We enjoy a very close partnership with our family of schools and the vast majority of children will, eventually, become Stocksbridge High School students. Through a series of shared activities, we smoothen the transition from primary phase to secondary. The pastoral team, teachers and school councillors all participate I a programme to enable young people to have the very best start to their secondary schooling.

All prospective students and their families are encouraged to attend out open evenings at the start of the year. They offer opportunity for you to see the school and, importantly, talk to staff and students about what its like to attend Stocksbridge. 

In the last half term of Y6 all pupils will spend a week at Stocksbridge High School. In this time, they will meet their form tutor, have lessons in all the subjects they will take in Y7 and become familiar with the school routines and expectations. During this time there will be a parents’ evening where we can discuss the start to Y7 which will be followed up in the first term of Y7 with another chance to attend a settling-in event.  

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