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Students from the Ecclesfield, Chapeltown and High Green areas have access to the 777 school bus service which is provided by Heatons (two coaches) from September 2022. There will no longer be a Stagecoach double-decker bus. Heatons do not operate payment by card. They will carry some change but please do not send your child with large denomination notes.

For the morning service, the two coaches will travel in succession. Please ensure your child is waiting at the bus stop five minutes before the times listed below and they embark on the first available coach.

The return service will depart from school at 3.10pm or shortly before if loaded at full capacity.

The SHS minibus will be available from September to December for a later service which will depart at 4pm or just after depending on whether there are P6 activities organised. From January 23 to May 23, this may be replaced by a coach if more capacity is required.

Please ensure your child has the appropriate student bus pass from SYPTE. There are three options, as follows:

• Zero Fare Pass – this is an application process and is issued to those students that meet the local authority criteria. Some students from High Green may be eligible for a zero-fare pass.

• Under 16 Megatravel Pass - all students should have a Mega Travel pass to allow them to travel for 80p rather than paying the adult fare. Even those with a zero-fare pass should have a Megatravel pass.

More details on the zero-fare pass and Under 16 Mega Travel pass can be found here: -


• Mobility pass – For any student with a disability, they may qualify for a mobility pass that will provide free travel, not just at school times. Details can be found here: -


Any students who live out of the Stocksbridge and Deepcar area who need to use public transport should be familiar with the journey and bus stop points prior to September 2022.