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Stocksbridge High School takes part in new initiative to support cooking skills for young people

A new programme has been established to provide ingredients to schools at no cost, supporting classroom learning.

Stocksbridge High School took part in the new initiative Ingredients into Schools to engage pupils in learning practical cookery skills.

Led by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), in collaboration with the British Nutrition Foundation, the project is specifically tailored for Year 8 and 9 pupils. It addresses the need for access to ingredients, recipes, and classroom resources.

Learning cooking skills at school is an integral part of young people’s food education. However, the expense of providing the ingredients can present a barrier due to rising cost. This project has been developed to ensure students develop practical food skills and gain cooking confidence. It will empower them to make informed choices about healthy eating habits and participate in activities that might otherwise be financially challenging.

Students from across Year 8 and 9 produced crumpets and butter from raw ingredients across the week beginning 4th March 2024. They completed some evaluation work in lessons when complete and developed their knowledge of where ingredients came from and how common products are produced in these interesting sessions. This initiative is also supported by Lidl and UK Flour Millers.

Roz Reynolds from the AHDB said: “We are delighted to be working with [insert name of school] on our Ingredients into Schools programme, which is offering schoolchildren the opportunity to develop valuable life skills in a fun and interactive way. We know the cost of ingredients for practical food lessons can be a challenge. This initiative is about removing barriers and inspiring young people to cook with quality ingredients produced by UK farmers”.

Frances Meek, Education Services Manager at the British Nutrition Foundation said: “Hands-on cooking experience is a vital part of food education, but we know it’s not always easy for schools to deliver this. We hope that this project will help teachers provide excellent practical cookery sessions to young people, without having to worry about the of the cost of providing ingredients”.


For more information about food education in schools, including healthy eating, cooking and where food comes from, visit the Food – a fact of life website